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Sandy Nhan
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Note just for you watchers: I might be busy doing other stuff so ... Good luck waiting on more drawings from me! >O<
Oh and I edit A LOT! So bare with me! >_< I have pet-peeves.

Hello everyone! I do not know what to say about myself right now. But all I can say, is that I love to draw! :D I usually draw pictures that matches songs I listen to or encounter along the way in Youtube. All rights go to the artists for writing those songs. Sometimes, I draw pictures that matches stories I come up in my head or just for plain fun.

Reason for name:
Gale = Wind. My favorite elemental.
Spider = My favorite character from any game. (From Megaman X: Command Mission)

Other blogs:
Hey guys!

I now have a tumblr page:
Feel free to follow, like, reblog, or whatever!

I know it's not a big message, but that's really all I have to say! :lol:
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  • Playing: Blade and Soul
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375 deviations
Crossover - Adolf, Spider, Ayanami by GaleSpider
Crossover - Adolf, Spider, Ayanami
Side face views:…
Hello! Just throwing some small sketches of these awesome characters, Adolf Reinhardt from Terra Formars, Spider from Megaman X Command Mission, and Ayanami from 07 Ghost.

They might just be my new top three characters. o u o But really, I can't decide at all. //help
These sketches were done during a maintenance that FFXIV had. 8pm to 4am ... What was I supposed to do that time? @ _ @
And this was my last page of my old sketchbook from High School. It finally reached its conclusion! After all of that postponing and being left in the dust.

Adolf Reinhardt is a selfless leader from Squad 5 in Terra Formars. He inherits the ability of an Electric Eel that can deliver a "shockingly" devastating blow to his enemies with his electric-conductive knives and killer accuracy and speed, making him Rank #2 of UNASA. His story is very tragic to the point where he had lost everything but at the same time, he cares deeply for his comrades and his subordinates as if they were his own family. He was mentioned a lot throughout the first several chapters of Terra Formars and the developers did a well done job making his background story and making him important even though he may not be there in the future chapters. But overall, he will still be in my heart no matter how many chapters fly by. From losing his parents, being cheated from his wife, and being used as an experiment, he truly makes a hero worth remembering from standing strong until the end. 

Ayanami is the leader of the Black Hawks and a Warsfeil, users who wield dark zaiphons, or magic, and are practically immortal in 07 Ghost. At first glance, one can tell that he is a stern commander that no one wants to mess with or go against. However, there are those who would discriminate him behind his back. But little do they know, this young commander who may appear at the age of 34 has something lurking within him. He is actually a reincarnated version of Death himself, Verloren. Serving as a Chief of Commander of the Barsburg Empire, he has his own goals to accomplish but at the same time, fulfill his orders that were given. Ayanami will do whatever it takes to make his goal come to life, and that is to revive the Death God. But, it is of no easy task. He will stop at nothing, showing no mercy with his cold-steel heart like his blade, and make the world bleed as dark as black to get what he wants.  

I think you guys know why I like Spider so there really is no explanations to put here:…

Characters belong to their rightful owners

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